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We provide expert website redesign so you can finally use your website to generate sales and grow your business.

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"Sadly 99% of businesses waste time and money on their websites, they have all the right info but no structure, no strategy and so they get no results"

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Website Redesign in Limerick Tailored to Your Business Needs

We specialise in redesigning websites for ambitous business owners just like you.

We take outdated, underperforming websites and turn them into stylish, responsive, SEO enhanced sales systems.

When it comes to your online presence and overall success — you can't afford to compromise. The very survival of your business depends on your ability to reach your target market, to generate leads and to convert those leads into high paying clients and raving fans.

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Certified Termageddon Data Privacy Partners

GDPR, privacy policies, terms and conditions. It can be confusing stuff. That's why we've made the very conscious decision to let experts protect your website and your business.

Termageddon hands down lead the field in ensuring websites are above board and GDPR compliant. They ensure you meet all your legal obligations under the laws of the Republic of Ireland and the EU. And they KEEP you above board.

Whenever the law changes (and it's changing quicker than ever) their software automatically updates your policies and keeps you protected legally.

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Portfolio Highlight: Moxi Media Limerick

Online Launchpad: €385

This website was a fun little website we did for the lads over at - it was their first website and they quite rightly decided to keep it simple this time round!

This was the online launchpad website deal - 3 pages, Basic SEO, coded with HTML5 making it essentially a maintenance free website!

"What's good for the customer is good for the business... This also applies to your website and is a good principle to keep in mind when making decisions about your website."

Does your website actually need to be redesigned?

As a team of Limerick based web designers, we've seen it all. From slow, sluggish websites of the early 2000's to complete SEO disasters.

When deciding whether or not to redesign your website it's worth asking yourself these questions;

  • Am I ranked on page 1 of Google for my service in Limerick?
  • Does my website work seamlessly on mobile and desktop?
  • Do my images and graphics look professional and demonstrate my expertise
  • Does my website generate sales?

  • If your're not on page 1, your website isn't mobile friendly or it doesn't clearly demonstrate the expertise and value you provide — you need to seriously consider a complete overhaul of your current website.

    See how a new website can transform your business
    should you redesign your website

    Our Website Redesign Masterplan Revealed!

    Take a seat and buckle up while we reveal our 6 step process that we've used to successfully turn around digital destinies... You'll notice that ltimately what matters most is where you want to go and how we can help get you there.


    The first step when redesigning a website is to understand you, your business, your clients and customers. Together we'll unearth what's holding you back and identify the lead weight around your neck.


    The next step when we redesign a website is to for any business is to define our outcomes. What are the KPI's of a successfull site - lead captures, conversion rates, phone calls, keyword rankings etc.


    Next we asses your current website, what's working, what can we use, what's underperforming. This helps us measure future success against the current website and determine if we delivered an ROI.


    The next step is to decide on a strategy and a plan towards revamping your website. Strategic website redesign for Limerick based businesses is our niche, so you can rest assured you're in good hands!


    This is where we write the code, install the CMS, do the SEO, set up the Ecommerce and craft the content. This is where we take our intentions and plans and actually get you the results you need.


    Real results rarely happen overnight. It sometimes take 12 months to rank 1 on google. But when you work with us, know that we're in it for the long run — redesigning a website is very much a journey, not a destination.

    "If your core business sucks there's no point coming to us for a solution... there's no website in the world that can make an already doomed business successful."

    3 Pillars of a Treaty Website

    At the core of our websites are these 3 principles. They shape every decision we make when redesigning your website to create a powerful online presence and a truly impactful website.

    Stunning Website Redesign

    Firstly a website needs get you noticed and then baby step visitors towards becoming high paying clients.

    Redesigned Strategically

    This is our specialty. Working with you to set big business goals and using our website redesign expertise to deliver.

    With Unwavering Support

    When we redesign a website we're committed to your long term success. Great things rarely happen overnight.

    expert website redesign in limerick that gets results and increases sales

    Expertly redesigned websites that get Results.

    Here at Treaty Web Design, we believe in getting results. We define a 'result' as a tangible and measureable, positive outcome, as a direct consequence of specific, intentional actions.

    But what does that actually mean for a real world business owner like you? It means we use websites to meet your specific business needs and to solve your unique business problems.

    We do this by first getting to know you, your niche, and all the ins and outs of your business. What're your goals, your dreams, your pain points and what's that lead weight that's holding you back.

    From there we begin to craft a strategy and a plan.

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    "It's actually ridiculously easy to out perform your competitiors - all it takes is consistency. A Consistent overarching strategy and a doggedly consistent work ethic."

    USP's of a Redesigned Treaty Website

    We pack some powerful features into our redesigned websites. These are the specifics of how we get your Limerick business website noticed.

    Maintenace Free HTML Websites

    We don't charge extorsionate monthly fees to "maintain" your website. Once it's done, it's done and will continue to get you clients for years to come.

    Industry Specific Sales Funnels

    The ultimate sales funnel captures leads, educates them and over time converts that person into one of your most loyal customers.

    Customised Blogs and Ecommerce Stores

    If you sell a product, you need a store. If you're in a small or competitive niche it takes consistent writing, educating and relating with potential customers to turn them into raving fans.

    Limerick specific SEO

    SEO is what gets your website found. Without SEO a website is nothing more than a fancy looking waste of time!

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